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Choosing your major can be a difficult process, let alone knowing what type of career is the right fit for you. PRO-D Student can help you on your journey of career exploration and self-discovery.
PRO-D student is a self interpreted assessment. The PRO-D Student report includes a Missions, Competencies, Styles chart, Your top 3 key traits, Your Strengths in the business world, as a leader, and as a team member, and what career fields you may enjoy based on your strengths. The report also gives you advice on how to grow your strengths and walks you through making a plan of action.

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PRO-D Student



MCS chart

How you interact as a member of a team and advice on how to maximize your skills in a team environment.

Key traits and caution areas

Your top three strengths and insight on how overgrowing your strengths can hinder your ability to lead.

your skills as Roles

The job roles that you will most likely enjoy, perform well in and find fulfillment in based on your Motivations, Competencies, and Styles.

strengths in the business world

The fields of study and industries you would flourish in based on your Missions, Competencies, and Styles.

Strengths as a leader

How you lead and what roles will engage your full potential as a leader.

strengths as a team member

Your strengths as a team member, and what type of Business cultures you would flourish in.

how to grow your strengths

Advice on how to grow in three different areas and guidelines to build a plan of action.