PRO-D results are

PRO-D assesses you based on your personality, skills, and motivators, unlike other assessments that analyze you based on only one or two of these aspects.

Since PRO-Development relies on the convergence of multiple aspects there are many thousands of different result possibilities. This allows PRO-Development to be far more individualized than traditional vocational instruments.
PRO-D, causing lasting change.

PRO-D is a tool that facilitates leadership development and maximizes effectiveness in:

PRO-D provides leadership profiles that empower individuals on their journey to career success and job satisfaction.
Team Building

Create high performance teams through team alignment seminars and other helpful tools.

career exploration

Determine “best fit” career choices for future or current employees.

candidate selection

Make smart candidate selection decisions with new hires and in employee promotions.


Maximize the leadership effectiveness of existing or emerging leaders in your company.

Person, Role, & Organizational Development

This part of the assessment looks at how you fit into your job and company culture based on your Career Value Archetype.
Unique to PRO-D is the Person, Role, Organization aspect of the product. This part of the assessment gives you the ability to see if your job is utilizing your skills to the fullest potential. Having this knowledge can help you to become a better leader in the workplace and to find job satisfaction.
pro-Development is both
Highly Sophisticated And Straightforward.
Whether you are walked through the report by a coach, or review it on your own, the report is designed to be easy to understand and easy to apply.

The Relationship Jump-Start

PRO-D is designed to be highly relational, not a purely analytical tool.
In a business setting, PRO-Development accelerates the getting to know you phase. The accuracy of the PRO-D assessment allows employers and employees to quickly go deeper and be personal. The assessment facilitates conversations where employers and employees can easily get to know each other and come a better understanding of each other.

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