PRO-D works, but don't take it from us. See what our clients have to say.
why our CUSTOMERS love PRO-d
PRO-D examines a person’s missions, competencies and styles in a way no other assessment does and the results are always surprising. After taking mine, my coach announced I had competency (in other words, an ability) in public speaking. I told my coach, “I like public speaking, but I’m not really that good at it. How can that be my talent?”

He asked me, “how many books have you read on public speaking?”
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“None,” I replied.
“How many seminars on public speaking have you attended?”
“How about conferences? How many public speaking conferences have you been to?”
“Well, I notice you have a good voice. Do you have a voice coach working with you?”
“How about a physicality coach? Someone to work with you on facial gestures and body movement during a speech?”
“Well you must have a content coach. Someone to work with you on developing the themes and phrasings that make for great public speeches…”“No. I don’t have any of that.”
“Well,” Davis asked, “No wonder you’re not any good.”

When I came to appreciate the fact that talent without skill-building isn’t life-changing. There are too many people walking the earth today with talents and abilities … and with unmet potential. There is no future in unfocused, undeveloped raw talent.
Skill, on the other hand, can be developed and grown. With hard work and deliberate practice, anyone can take a bit of talent and skill and make it a formidable force.

PRO-D showed me a future I could not yet see… and it gave me the impetus to focus my efforts, my time and my money on developing public speaking skills. I was a poor public speaker. Not any longer. With my PRO-D results guiding the way, I’ve spent the last decade learning, growing and developing to the point where I now teach others public speaking skills, and that is very satisfying.
Greg Smith, Compco Industries, Chairman of the board
The three constructs of Mission, Competencies and Style are extremely well developed with PRO-D.  I love the complexity of the instrument and the simplicity of the reports.  I find the PRO analysis uniquely flexible compared to other instruments.

Shortly after certification I had my son take PRO-D.  He is a public accountant in a large firm and has garnered favorable reviews and rapid advancement in his tenure there.  The results revealed a perfect fit for his role and the organization.

He felt validated by the results and affirmed in the areas where he will want to invest his personal growth.  A week after he took PRO-D, a superior had him take a leadership test by a very well-known organization.  His response to the results was very different than PRO-D.  “It looks as if I have no leadership and no ambition on this test,” he lamented.   Continue reading...
 We reviewed the structure and method of the two assessments and came to the following conclusions.  First, PRO-D takes perspective and context into consideration in defining the Role and the values of the Organization.  The other instrument did not do this.  “When I was asked what I would be doing in five years I answered, ‘The same as now’ because the next promotion is to partner and that can’t happen for seven more years.”  Also, “When I was asked how many people were under me, I answered ‘five’ because in my sector all of the teams are very small.”  We determined that the qualities of leadership were predetermined in the test his supervisor gave him.  

As a psychologist with years of training in psychometrics, I explained these differences to my son and said, “To use this other instrument, they will have to do a 2-year study to even know how to interpret the results. PRO-D, however, can be used without this need to invest time and money in making sense of the results.”  When my son showed PRO-D to his supervisor, he confirmed that the PRO-D had captured accurately my son, while the other assessment had failed.
-Paul Van Valin -  Eden Leaders Institute, Founder and President
Why our coaches love PRO-D
Why Our BUSINESSES love pro-d
Using PRO-D with thousands of clients I’ve been amazed first how accurate the instrument is—almost without exception clients say the results are “spot-on.” Additionally, almost all PRO-D users gain a much deeper appreciate for what drives them, how others see them and what they are good at doing. This awareness enables them to see themselves differently and to better focus on their overall strengths and traits they can employ for self-fulfillment, self-actualization, success at work (and life) and positive impact in their world.

Another interesting thing we’ve learned is how what others see about us on the “outside” may not be who we are on the “inside.” Understanding this fact enables us to adjust more effectively to those around us, thereby enabling us for greater impact and influence.
Finally, I am both surprised and pleased how this US-centric assessment tool so easily and accurately transcends cultures. We’ve had many, many clients from countries around the world experience PRO-D. Almost always the user says the report they receive fits them exactly.
- Davis Taylor