People are complicated, understanding them doesn't have to be.

PRO-D is the best tool to deepen your understanding of a person, more quickly and more accurately than anything else.

The best leaders are self-aware. PRO-D heightens self-awareness and gives you a vocabulary to be able to clearly articulate who you are. If you are frustrated at work, looking for a career change or just want to grow as a person, PRO-D acts as a catalyst for change. While most other assessments have no long term impact, PRO-D is an assessment focused on empowering you to take action.

PRO-Development is based on the premise that everyone is unique.

Gaining an understanding of how people operate and where you fit into that spectrum, enables you to be a better team member and a better leader.

PRO-D is ideal for

career exploration
team building

What is PRO-D?

PRO-D is a multidimensional assessment that captures the full picture of who you are.

The PRO-D framework is built on nine Career Value Archetypes that provide the foundation for understanding how people are wired. Once you grasp these nine Career Values, you begin to understand why people see the world differently than you do. PRO-D enables you to understand other’s differences and view them as strengths.

"PRO-D examines a person’s missions, competencies and styles in a way no other assessment does and the results are always surprising. After taking mine, my coach showed me that I had competency (in other words, an ability) in public speaking. I have since gone on to develop and use this skill in my career.
Greg Smith - Compco inc., Chairman of the board

Why Our

"I provide marriage counseling and coaching primarily to leaders. Every couple now takes PRO-D, and every couple has gained tremendous insight into how to increase intimacy, grace, and gratitude."
Paul Van Valin - Eden Leaders Institute, Founder and President

Why Coaches love using

"Using PRO-D with thousands of clients I’ve been amazed first how accurate the instrument is—almost without exception clients say the results are spot-on.”
Davis Taylor - TAI Incorperated, President



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