The Basics

The PRO-Development assessment comes in four different versions. Discover the one that best suits your needs.
PRO-D Advance, PRO-D Core, and PRO-D Student are self-interpretive and provide the next 3 layers of how you are wired to place on top of the foundation. As you grasp your personalized Mission, Competency and Style, things about who you are and how you relate to others, will begin fall into place. PRO-D Premium requires a session with a Trained PRO-D coach.

pro-d assessments are both highly sophisticated and easily understood

Your personalized PRO-D report will show you your Model Roles, Ideal Job Functions, Key traits and Caution Areas, to name a few. PRO-D Advance adds a visual chart to show your missions, competencies, and Styles for each Career Value area . PRO-D Premium also adds our unique PRO (Person, Role & Organization) Chart. This chart can highlight where your stress and frustration are coming from in your current role and how you view your organization or how you can optimize your skills in your current role.

Getting Started

Find The Product That's Right For You


PRO-D Core is a self-interpreted assessment that gives insight to how you lead and how you can excel as a leader.


PRO-D Advance is a self-interpreted assessment with additional tools for advancing leadership skills and career success.


PRO-D Premium is explained by a certified Coach and assesses how your strengths match with your current job position.


PRO-D Student is a self interpreted assessment that can help you on your journey of career exploration and self-discovery.