PRO-D® Teacher Development

Rather than putting you in a box, PRO-D Teacher Development allows for a picture of you that’s as specific and complex as your fingerprint.


What is PRO-D?

PRO-D is a professional development assessment that captures a multi-dimensional picture of who you are.

The PRO-D report unpacks your complexity and translates it into resources that increase your self-awareness and enhance your capacity for strengths-based development.


How can PRO-D Teacher Development help you?

Self-Awareness & Personal Development
  • See yourself clearly. Gain a better understanding of the hidden forces driving you, what you’re naturally good at, and how you interact with your students & colleagues.
  • Gain strategies to manage your personal style for optimum effectiveness within your classroom and school.
Team Alignment & Teacher Development
  • Our roles within teaching teams are complicated and dynamic. Learn how you work with others and how you can grow as both a team member and a leader.
  • Understand others you work with and come to appreciate different strengths & points of view. Learn how to leverage each person’s abilities for maximum team effectiveness.

What is Included in the Teacher Development Package?

Simple Math

PRO-D Teacher + Interactive Webinar = 5 Professional Development Hours

With the PRO-D Teacher Development Package you will:

  • Receive a PRO-D Teacher Assessment & Report
  • Participate in an engaging, interactive webinar
  • Complete your personal Individual Development Plan

Upon completion, you will earn a certificate for 5 professional development hours that can be applied toward your teaching license renewal.

Course Details

Assessment - 90 minutes
Complete at your own pace, just be sure it’s done before the webinar.

Webinar pre-work - 30 minutes
Review your report and watch an instructional video.

Live Interactive Webinar - 90 minutes
Choose a day and time that works best for you.

Individual Development Plan - 90 minutes
Complete at your own pace. Certification awarded after you submit your plan to your webinar facilitator.

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