The Core of PRO-D

In order to grow as a leader you need to know how you lead.
PRO-D Core is a self-interpreted assessment that gives insight to how you lead and how you can excel as a leader. The PRO-D Core report includes your model roles, leadership anchors, organizational cultural preferences, ideal job functions, how to grow your strengths, top 3 key traits, caution areas, and your team leader and member style.  

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pro-d core



Model Roles

The job roles that you will enjoy and flourish in based on your Motivations, Competencies, and Styles.

Leadership Anchors

The areas you excel in as a leader.

Organizational preferences

The type of organizational culture you would most likely thrive in.

Ideal Job Functions

Job roles you are particularly gifted in.

growing your strengths

Three ways you can maximize your leadership ability.

top three key traits

Your top three strengths that are readily seen by others.

caution Areas

The natural overgrowth of your strengths and how they can hinder your leadership ability.

team leader style

How you lead in a team setting and advice on how your strengths can interfere with your leadership capability.

team member style

How you interact as a member of a team and advice on how to maximize your skills in a team environment.